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Creating Your Cultural Statement for Your Team

February 15, 2020by Admin0

Marie Cochran the founder of Relentless Winning Mindset LLC + Children With Goals will educate and inspire us on about creating a cultural statement for your team for success! Cochran said, ” I don’t think any leader would believe they would get the best performance out of their team under those conditions. I’m sure you aren’t doing it intentionally.

How about we start with creating the environment for your team that YOU would work best under yourself. Then we can talk about some creative ideas to build morale and trust in your team! ”

About Speaker:

Marie Cochran
Founder & CEO – Relentless Winning Mindset LLC + Children With Goals

As an Elite Speaker, Leadership Trainer and Coach Marie Cochran attributes her success and competence in what she is able to do for your company to two things. Firstly, she maximizes the power of mentorship and coaching in her own life and secondly, she passionately lives by the principles and strategies she teaches!

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