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Our OfficesAffiliate Office: Georgia is 601 Tebeau Street Unit 2395, Waycross,GA 31501-9998
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CRPC Consulting

Management Approach CRPC is structured to respond to problems, changes, integrate best operational development practices with the integration of innovative technologies and resources, ensure collaboration and allow flexibility.

Our team’s division of labor is organized into specialized functions proven foundation of Administrative Support Management principles of the Administrative Consultants Association (ACA), Microsoft Office 365 Certifications, Entrepreneur Education Certification & Tools for Goggle Startups.

Our role as a management consultant is diagnosis and assessment, problem-solving, research and analysis, training, mediation, facilitation, contract services, systems development, executive search, organizational process, planning, fund development, board development


Work Process

We technical experience using the six phases of project management initiation phase (idea), definition phase (what), design phase (how), development phase (how to implement), implementation phase (implementation), follow-up phase(maintenance).

Invitation1st StepInvitation

Once the invitation is received, we require a written questionnaire to capture more details about an idea and/or project: Why this project? Is it feasible? Who are possible partners in this project? What should the results be? What are the boundaries of this project (what is outside the scope of the project)? To prevent the development of false expectations concerning the results of the project, it makes sense to explicitly agree on the type of project that is being started: a research and development project; a project that will deliver a prototype or ‘proof of concept’; a project that will deliver a working product.

2nd StepInvolvement

Next, all parties involve must agree on Preconditions, Functional requirements, Operational requirements, Design limitations.

3rd StepDesign Phase

Third, the design phase (action plans) where one or more designs are developed, with which the project result can apparently be achieved. Once the design has been chosen, it cannot be changed in a later stage of the project.

4th StepDevelopment Phase

Fourth, development phase everything that will be needed to implement the project is arranged. Potential suppliers or subcontractors are brought in, a schedule is made, materials and tools are ordered, instructions are given to the personnel and so forth. The development phase is complete when implementation is ready to start. All matters must be clear for the parties that will carry out the implementation.

Consistency by all parties is necessary to meet all timelines to prevent projects for going over time and budget.  Contractual terms and conditions will be enforced from initial to the completion phase. Any contractual changes will result into instituting a new contract.  Accountability each person understands their role and decision on projects which they are responsible.

Finally, the follow-up phase is where everything is arranged that is necessary to bring the project to a successful completion. Examples of activities in the follow-up phase include writing handbooks, providing instruction and training for users, setting up a help desk, maintaining the result, evaluating the project itself, writing the project report, holding a party to celebrate the result that has been achieved, transferring to the directors and dismantling the project team.

Our Team culture is based on the following management principles:

Communication (all methods) is very vital among clients, suppliers, subcontractors through the phase of any project where all parties are clear and understand their roles and responsibilities until the follow-up phase of the project.  Collaboration from the invitation to the follow-up phase of the project is essentials to ensure the approved scope of work is executed by all parties for completion.

Team CRPC’s management approach emphasizes the values of professional behavior, serving the interest of the client, transparency, efficiency, quality, stability, security, confidentiality, honesty, responsibility, flexibility, continuous improvement, respect, mutually beneficial, performance excellence, common understanding.

Our record of performance on past clients, relationships, and current projects that provides unique solutions, speed of action, knowledgeable of best practice and effective solutions, exposure to expertise from other industries and sectors, provision of specific technical skills, change management skills.

Our Team’s culture is based on the following management principles CRPC B2B Partner network purpose is to eliminate the stress, frustration, and strain of being an entrepreneur. This network focus is to create an entrepreneur accountability tribe to ensure entrepreneur creates innovative success and then replicate the process for multiple sustainable revenue streams to promote longevity as an entrepreneur in any phase of the business life cycle. We are very faith-based driven focus and always rely on the TRINTY guidance on decisions, relationships, networks, etc.


The Follow
Up Phase
Concierge Resource Professional Consultants, LLC dba CRPC Consulting is a minority woman small disadvantage business that provides strategic consulting, coaching, training/facilitation in Education, Healthcare, Customer Service, Beauty Industry, Nonprofit, Faith-based, Special Events- Event Planning and Management, Radio/TV Media Affiliations, Procurement for Federal, State, and Local contracts
Florida Office10700 Beach Boulevard Unit 17575, Jacksonville, FL 32245
Georgia Office 601 Tebeau Street Unit 2395, Waycross,GA 31501-9998
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